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We offer unbundled legal services.

In the context of legal services, the term 'unbundling' is used to describe provision of discrete acts of legal assistance under a limited retainer, rather than a traditional full retainer where a solicitor typically deals with all matters anticipated from initial instructions until the case is concluded.

Unbundling can operate on several different levels such as:

 * providing clients with self-help packs

* providing discrete advice about a specific step or steps in a case or issue on one or more occasion

* checking or drafting documents

* advocacy or provision of a McKenzie friend in certain circumstances.

Unbundling can make legal services more affordable for clients.

We normally help with :

Small personal injury claims:

* assistance to draft claim form

* legal information on small claims procedure

* legal information on quantum

* legal information and assistance with regard to defending small claims

Actions against the police within Public Law

Consumer claims and general civil disputes

Family Law:

* drafting the divorce petition and further assistance with divorce proceeding

* form E financial statements

* consent orders and advocacy

* financial order

* Mesher Order, Martin Order

* Non Molestation Order 

* Occupational Order

* Child Arrangment Order

* assisting clients in relation to contested proceedings on an unbundled basis provided that our limits are strictly defined and adhered to

Housing Law

* rent disputes and information on proceedings the first-tier tribunal (Property Chamber)

Employment Law:

* drafting claim(s)

* further assistance and information 

* Employment Tribunal representation 

and many more ...

Support to Litigant in Person known as McKenzie Friend service.

Who are McKenzie Friends?

If you are unable to resolve a legal dispute through mediation, you may need to apply to a court to resolve the situation, or alternatively you may be sued in court proceedings. Your ex-partner may bring you to justice and you may have little choice. Hiring an attorney can be very costly and legal aid is only available in specific cases. If you choose to become a trial participant in person, you must be able to bring your own case to court, which can be a daunting task both before, during and afterwards.

A friend as McKenzie can best be described as anyone who accompanies you to court to assist you in court proceedings in person - those who are not represented by an attorney. Your friend McKenzie can sit with you in court, offer advice and support, and take notes to help you.

There are certain things the McKenzie Friend cannot do on your behalf, such as litigation, court papers and statements, etc. Family courts have issued procedural guidelines explaining this in more detail.

The McKenzie Friends team helps children and their families to resolve family conflicts. They are experienced because many of them successfully represent themselves in court as a person in court proceedings. Others are professionally trained - some qualified as a paralegal and others with a law degree or other professional qualification. Participating in court cases, most often at Boston County Court, King's Lynn Magistrate Court, Peterborough Combined Court Center, Peterborough Magistrate Court, Bury St Edmunds Employment Tribunal, Watford Employment Tribunal and others. We got experience and we helped to solve or positively close lots of cases.

If you need any help please get in touch.

Important information

Traductrix Ltd is unregulated legal services company.

We only offer non reserved activities.

We are not regulated by Solicitors Regulation Authority which allows us to have competitive prices comparing to fully authorised law firms.

We cannot otherwise represent someone other than himself or herself in a court of law.

We are registered with Institute of Paralegals and New York City Paralegal Association.

Practicising Certificate from Professional Paralegal Register.

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Traductrix Ltd was established in 2019.


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Public Service Interpreting in English Law

McKenzie Friend services

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