We offer judicial services as Professional McKenzie Friend.

Who are McKenzie Friends?

If you are unable to resolve a legal dispute through mediation, you may need to apply to a court to resolve the situation, or alternatively you may be sued in court proceedings. Your ex-partner may bring you to justice and you may have little choice. Hiring an attorney can be very costly and legal aid is only available in specific cases. If you choose to become a trial participant in person, you must be able to bring your own case to court, which can be a daunting task both before, during and afterwards.

A friend as McKenzie can best be described as anyone who accompanies you to court to assist you in court proceedings in person - those who are not represented by an attorney. Your friend McKenzie can sit with you in court, offer advice and support, and take notes to help you.

There are certain things the McKenzie Friend cannot do on your behalf, such as litigation, court papers and statements, etc. Family courts have issued procedural guidelines explaining this in more detail.

The McKenzie Friends team helps children and their families to resolve family conflicts. They are experienced because many of them successfully represent themselves in court as a person in court proceedings. Others are professionally trained - some qualified as a paralegal and others with a law degree or other professional qualification. Participating in court cases, most often at Boston County Court, King's Lynn Magistrate Court, Peterborough Combined Court Center, Peterborough Magistrate Court, Bury St Edmunds Employment Tribunal, Watford Employment Tribunal and others. I have experience and I have helped to solve or positively close lots of cases.

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